WordPress Themes

Installing WordPress Themes

One of the most exciting things about WordPress is the abundance of site themes that are available.  You can take a look at all the WordPress Themes that you have to choose from by hovering your mouse over the Appearance tab on your WordPress left side admin bar and clicking on Themes.

WordPress Themes

You will then get a screen showing some theme search options.  To begin with I suggest that you just click some of the links at the top of the page to view some of the Newest and Most Popular WordPress Themes.  Once you begin to get ideas about what themes you might like for your site, you can refine your search by checking the colors, columns and other boxes.

WordPress Themes - Options

Next you will see screenshots and the details of various themes that you can browse through and there are links under each WordPress theme screenshot that you can click to get a full screen preview of the theme.

Sundance Demo - WordPress Theme

Go ahead, choose and install several themes that have have caught your interest.  Once installed, you can actually try each theme on your site to see how each fits your concept and your site’s content.  When working with WordPress Themes you have a theme control panel where you can switch between themes and see how your own site looks with each theme.

Control Panel - WordPress Themes

To give you an idea what different WordPress Themes can do for your site, here is how this site would look using a different theme.