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SEO WordPress Plugin – by Yoast

One of the key items you need to do so that people can find your site or blog is to tackle SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This Plugin by Yoast is a very comprehensive plugin that covers all the bases.  If it’s missing anything, I am not sure what that would be.

It has a great page analysis tool that keeps you advised on the content of your page as you type it and offers suggestions to tailor your page for search engines, including titles for your images and meta descriptions.

The General Tab

In the general tab it shows a snippet preview of how your page will look in Google search results.  Next you see how your focus keyword is doing within the post or page, you can define your Search Engine Title and enter your Meta Description which is what shows up in the snippet preview below the title.

The Page Analysis Tab

It also has a Page Analysis tab that offers suggestions on how to improve the readability of your page as well as other changes you can make to optimize the page you are working on.

WordPress - Page Analysis

Your XML Sitemap

Another essential SEO feature that is included is the XML Sitemap.  That sitemap is automatically generated for your site and assists search engines with indexing your site properly.

WordPress SEO - XML Site Map

As you can see in the plugin’s menu above, there are many more features that this plugin offers for enhancing your site.

Finally you can see that, now that this article is nearly finished, most of the yellow and red suggestions that were in the previous Page Analysis tab screenshot have now become green.

Page Analysis Tab - After

There are just too many little details to remember while building your pages or posts.  This WordPress plugin keeps track of all the details for you and keeps you from forgetting something important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your site.

For a comprehensive listing of all the features in this plugin, you can visit the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin web page.

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