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I don’t know about you, but when I am trying to follow an article I find on the internet, especially ones that have step by step instructions, I like to have a printed out version that I can follow and make notes on. When you just print out a web page, often times you end up with extra pages of stuff you don’t care about and on the pages you want to have, the text runs off the side of the page.

The WordPress Plugin POST2PDF Converter puts a button on any page or post you select that allows the reader to open or download that page in a nice, clean PDF format.

POST2PDF Converter Button

Post2PDF Converter - Button

This plugin comes with many configurable options, but for the most part, the default options are going to be just what you want. For the purpose of this site, I disabled the buttons on the Posts and left them enabled on the Pages.

You can have the button on the top of each page or post, the bottom or both. It can create the PDF on the fly as the reader requests it, or they can be created and stored on your web host server for faster performance. The screenshot below is just the beginning of the settings page for the plugin.

POST2PDF Converter – Options

Post2PDF Converter - Options

You can see all the setup options on the POST2PDF Converter Plugin web page.

Is this really an Essential WordPress Plugin?

It may not seem like it on the surface but I think it goes a long way towards making your WordPress site very user-friendly for your readers.

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