Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Right out of the gate, WordPress is a fantastic Web Site and Blogging tool, but there are thousands of WordPress plugins available and we will be going over some of the plugins that your site absolutely needs.

WordPress plugins come in many categories such as plugins for Posts and Pages, Links, Social Media, Images, Sidebar Widgets, Editor Enhancements, Search Engine Optimization and XML Sitemaps.

In this series of articles we will be going over some of the most essential WordPress plugins that should serve as your starting point in the world of plugins.  We will begin by covering plugins in the following categories:

SEO solution for WordPress
Editor Enhancement
Enhance Spelling & Grammar
Site Statistics
Social Sharing
XML Sitemaps

Over time, we will add more plugins to the list, but these WordPress plugins are where you should get started.

You can search for these and other WordPress plugins by clicking on Add New in the left side menu under Plugins in your Admin Dashboard.

 Adding Essential WordPress Plugins

To install a new WordPress plugin, as shown above, hover over Plugins and click on Add new.  In the next screen you can enter a search term or plugin name, or browse Featured, Popular, Newest or Recently Updated plugins.

WordPress - Install Plugins

When you find a plugin you want to use on your site, below the name of the plugin, click on Details to read more about the plugin.

Google+ Plugin

After reading more about the plugin if you decide you want to install it on your WordPress site, make sure to check that it is compatible with your WordPress installation.

WordPress Plugin Compatability

Once you have confirmed that it works with your installed version of WordPress, click the Install Now button at the top right of the More Information window.

Install Now

Some plugins are fairly simple and require no additional setup and others require some work.  One type that pops to mind that require a few more steps are plugins that automatically connect to social media sites.

The final step then is to activate the plugin which is done by clicking Activate in your list of installed plugins.

Activate Plugin

One final bit of housekeeping before we begin with the series, each plugin discussed will be on its own page located in this site’s menu under this page.   There is a top navigation bar as well as one on the right side of every page so you can easily move from article to article.

Adding Essential WordPress Plugins - Top Navigation Bar

Adding Essential WordPress Plugins - Right Side Navigation

So, let’s get started and have some fun with some Essential WordPress Plugins!

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