WordPress  –  What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open source blogging and website tool. With WordPress you have two options. There is WordPress.com where you can create your site or blog and it is hosted on the WordPress servers. While you can create a very nice site, the options available to customize the site are limited when compared with installing Word Press on your own Web Hosting account’s servers.

WordPress Themes

With Word Press you can install different themes and you can switch themes without changing the content of your site. Nearly 200 themes are available whether you are using WordPress.com or hosting your own site.

WordPress Widgets

Word Press widgets allow you to customize the look of each page. With widgets you can create custom menus, list your site’s pages, show an RSS feed, add a calendar to your site or page, show banner ads on your site, solicit blog subscriptions and much more. There are thousands of widgets available for WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

There are a wide variety of plugins for Word Press. With plugins you can add to the standard features of your site or blog. Examples of plugins that we are using are Search Engine Optimization, Google XML Sitemaps, Link Ordering, Favicon Installation, Custom Side Bars and more. WordPress Plugins are only available if you have your site on your Web Hosing servers.

While installing Word Press on your Web Hosting servers may sound daunting, it really is not. Most C-Panels have automated tools which will install Word Press for you automatically in a matter of minutes. From there, you can then begin to build and customize your site to your liking.

As this series of pages evolve on this site, we will cover Installing WordPress on your Web Hosting servers, selecting a theme, Pages versus Posts, Widgets, Plugins and more.

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