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Having learned the hard way, we once again went on the hunt for a good web hosting company.

There are a lot of “deals” out there on domain names and hosting plans.  After two years when our hosting plan came up for renewal, the price nearly doubled from what we signed up for when we purchased their deal.  So as I went through everybody’s offers, this time I tried to really dig and find out what each of their prices would be after the inital term.  Many hosting companies don’t even tell you that, or it is burried so deep in the fine print that I could not find it.  Many others do tell you in the fine print, and most of them are just like what I experienced.  You get a really good deal for the first year, two or three, but then the higher price kicks in.

I finally found a company that we have just switched over to.  Arvixe is headquartered in the Bay Area with servers in the US and Europe.  Their starter hosting package, Personal Class, is $4 per month.  While slightly higher than others, they guarantee that the price you sign up with will follow you “for life” which means as long as you continue to renew the service on time when it is time to renew your price will remain the same.  They also give you a free domain name for life.  That can be a new domain name, or one that you already own and you transfer to their hosting.

Unlike my previous web hosting company, Arvixe has a very active Discussion Board, a Blog with hints, tips and how-to’s and a very extensive Knowledgebase.  The online resources of my previous company is no comparison to what Arvixe has to help you with your website and hosting account.

They are also very proactive and started immediately with a welcome email, and has followed up weekly with focused emails about features you should know about and how to implement them into your website.  The first email talked about WordPress and RV Site Builder.  The second email discussed Cloudflare, eCommerce, Hacker threats and SSL.  And the third email was about installing Shopping Carts and a more in depth discussion of SSL Certificates (Purchasing, Self Signed, Shared, Wildcard, and Transferring).  I hope you can see by these examples of their emails that they are not trying to sell or spam you with anything.  They actually are full of information that you can use.

For more information about Arvixe, Click Here!

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