Internet How To’s

Website Domain Names, Web Hosts, FTP, Email Accounts, what’s this stuff all about?

Maybe you are one of thousands who still have a site on Apple’s Mobile Me domain and don’t know what to do with it before Apple’s web hosting goes away in June 2012.

Or, are you in the process of making your website with iWeb, Dreamweaver or one of the many other pieces of web site software and not sure what you need to do once the site is done?

It is not that hard but does take several steps to get everything setup and ready to upload your site to a web host so it will “go live” on the internet for everybody to see.  This page is the jumping off point to several other pages, each one covering a specific  aspect of getting everything setup properly.

We are going to cover many topics here, starting with deciding on a domain name, then choosing a web host, getting your site live on the internet and more.  As this series of pages evolves, more and more topics are coming to mind, so additional and expanded topics will be constantly added.

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When we are done you will have a live web site on the internet, and much, much more.