Google XML Sitemaps

XML Sitemaps

The Google XML Sitemaps plugin is a Must Have if you don’t already have something on your WordPress site to generate a sitemap. XML is a format that is recognized by the web crawlers of Google,, Yahoo and Bing Search. XML Sitemaps were developed as a standard format in 2005 by Google and then later adopted by Yahoo, Bing and It is commonly also know as a “Google Sitemap”. If you are really curious about what an XML sitemap is and how it works, then you can read more of the details at

Why do you need Google XML Sitemaps?

When search engines such as Google crawl your site so that they can index your pages, it makes the process simpler and more accurate if you have a sitemap for our blog or web site. This plugin automatically generates your sitemap and places it in the correct location on your web server for the search engines to find. Any time that your site changes, it makes a new sitemap and notifies the search engines that something has changed.

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WordPress Plugins

Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins come in many categories such as plugins for Posts and Pages, Links, Social Media, Images, Sidebar Widgets, Editor Enhancements, Search Engine Optimization and XML Sitemaps.

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WordPress How-To’s

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