Web Hosting Woes

Having learned the hard way, we once again went on the hunt for a good web hosting company.

There are a lot of “deals” out there on domain names and hosting plans.  After two years when our hosting plan came up for renewal, and the price nearly doubled from what we signed up for when we purchased their deal, the hunt was on for a new web host.

Read our full review of what we found!

Broken Link Checker

Broken Links on your WordPress Site

How are you making sure that all the links on your WordPress site are working?  Did somebody you linked to change their site and your link to that site is now broken?  As your site grows and you have a lot of links, it can be very time consuming manually verifying each and every outbound link on your site.

I was not really looking for this plugin, however every time I read a “Top Ten” plugin list, I kept seeing Broken Link Checker, so I decided to check it out.  I installed it on this site and it immediately found one broken link.  Within a week it found another.  With all the links on this site it might have taken weeks or months for me to stumble upon those links that were no longer working.

Broken Link Checker is so simple to install and use, and it does such a good job, I don’t know why anybody would not want it on their WordPress site.

There are not too many options to configu